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Remote Trainers

Tri-tronics are the tool of choice for a wide variety of serious dog trainers. The remote dog training are easy to use with one hand. The Tri-tronics training collars offer six levels of continuous and eighteen levels of momentary stimulation. Tri-tronics dog training collars feature insulated contact points which can be used in wet conditions, includes a beeper which allow users to find where the dog is and when he’s on point. Tritronics remote trainer devices are excellent training tools designed for the bird hunters which offer wide choice of sounds. The dog training equipment features multi-dog selection with colors for matching the collar strap colors. Tritronics carries horse training collars as well. Some Tri-tronics remote controlled electronic collar helps to safely and effectively stop the unwanted behaviors and vices among horses. Remote trainers feature waterproof collar and receiver for all sizes of dogs. The built-in, remote activated collar light is a great safety feature of dog training collars which allow users to see their dog during dawn and dusk hours. Pet and animal training electronic collars are perfect tools for animal behavior modification.