Tri-Tronics Beeper Collars

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Beeper Collars

Tri-tronics electronic beeper collars are specifically designed for the upland hunter and bird dog trainer. The versatile Tri-tronics electronic dog beeper collars features different levels of momentary and continuous stimulations. Tri-tronics beeper collars have the ability to shift between low, medium and high levels almost instantly that give users enough of flexibility. The stimulation dial is a great feature for quick and easy stim level changes. Today, Tri-Tronics beeper collars are one of the loudest training equipments which are widely used by the pet owner. The electronic beeper collar devices are audible from a long distance. Beeper collars allow users to easily operate with one hand without taking their eyes off from the pet. The amazing pet beeper collars have insulated contact points which are used for reliable performance in wet situation. These insulated contact points are made of stainless steel that reduces dog’s neck irritation. The training beeper collars feature compact, rugged and dependable receiver. The on and off switch is used to access the receiver. Tri-tronics beeper collars also include fixed transmitter antenna that performs efficiently without loss of range. Tri-tronics has become the perfect choice of top sporting dog professionals.